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Buy A Minneapolis Condo

Eco-Friendly Minneapolis: Living Near Lake Street

Minneapolis is a city with its own lake district. Live near Lake Street, and you’ll be celebrating the beauty of Minneapolis and its natural elements every day. Have you seen the current condos for sale Uptown Minneapolis has to offer? The diversity of green living opportunities in this area shows that eco-conscious urban living is for every age and…

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Four Things to Know When Buying a Condo or Loft in Minneapolis

Given the spike in new condo developments across Minneapolis in recent times, it is a good time to plan a condo or loft purchase in the city. Regardless of whether you are looking to invest in a luxurious, multi-level condo, or wish to go for a tranditional option, it is a decision that will have…

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Downtown and South Minneapolis Condos for Sale: Live Well in the Twin Cities

Thinking of buying a condo or townhome in the heart of Minneapolis? Downtown East or West? the Mill District? South Minneapolis-Uptown? Each has its distinct personality. Take a Look Downtown Live well in Minneapolis. There are outstanding Downtown Minneapolis condos for sale everywhere you look. East and West… Whether new or renovated, downtown condos and lofts are perfect for…

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Why You’ll Love Your New Northeast Minneapolis Condo

Best Coffee Shops in Saint Paul MN

You’ll find along the Minneapolis northeast riverfront numerous condos & lofts in a wide variety of price ranges with traditional to modern features. The spectacular skyline view of downtown Minneapolis along with the walkability of Main Street and also the convenience to downtown, are just a few of the benefits of  living in the Minneapolis Northeast District.…

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Home Inspection for Your New Condo: What to Expect

Figure out how much your home is worth

Consister a private home inspection for your new condo in St. Paul or Minneapolis. What the Inspector Does A private home inspector typically spends around an hour or two in the unit, checking out the HVAC system, plumbing and electrical systems, and the floors, doors and windows. Should you watch? Sure! You’ll learn more by being there than you would by just reading…

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Twin Cities First-Time Home Buying Steps

Getting keys to new home

Are you a first-time homebuyer looking to buy a home or a condo in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the surrounding area? Please find below a few first-time home buying steps that you should consider when you are preparing to start the process of buying a new home or a condo in the Twin Cities. Education…

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Buying a Condo in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis condo real estate market is in high demand especially for those individuals looking to experience sustainable walking neighborhoods and urban living.  There is a wide variety of residential condo developments in the heart of Minneapolis, whether you are looking for traditional to modern décor. There are numerous Minneapolis condo/loft neighborhoods in which to…

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