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Designing Your Customized Smart Kitchen

A kitchen that runs itself? That’s the dream for harried moms, busy professionals, and amateur chefs around the globe. It may sound a bit like science-fiction, but today’s smart appliances and smart devices come close to making this dream a reality. Here’s what you need to know about smart appliances and what they have to offer.


From microwaves to actual free-standing stoves, you’ll find a smart cooking appliance that suits your needs. What’s the advantage? Everything. These savvy must-haves can do everything from ordering popcorn to displaying recipes on oven doors that feature computer screens. No more opening the door to check on your cake when your oven can simply snap a pic and show you, instead.


What about a smart dishwasher? Want one you can control through a mobile app? It’s available. Or one that runs almost silently and pops open the door when done so your dishes have time to dry before you put them away? Absolutely possible. With a smart dishwasher, you can rest a bit while the dishes all but wash themselves.


A smart refrigerator? It’s a thing. No more magnets required to hang photos and messages when the built-in computer screen is fully customizable. Want a fridge that plays music? You got it. Want one that’s capable of ordering out? No problem. Add a smart fridge to your kitchen line-up, and cut your workload in half.

Of course, there’s also smart lighting that operates by voice command, smart coffeepots that wake up before you do, and even smart apps that can help you wrangle all your smart kitchen appliances together.

Want less time in the kitchen and more time in the real world? Invest in smart appliances and a smart kitchen to help lighten your load.




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