Northeast Minneapolis Neighborhoods

boom island


N Lowry Ave NE/E Emerson Ave N/W Broadway Ave NE

  • The neighborhood of Jordan-Minneapolis was named after Emeritus C. Morison, a past Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent.
  • Jordan Community Council
    Jordan-Minneapolis Neighborhood Data

Logan Park

N 19th Ave NE/E Central Ave NE/S Broadway Ave NE/W Washington St NE

The Logan Park neighborhood was named after U.S. Senator John A. Logan (Civil War General).

Logan Park is in the center of the NE Minneapolis art district.

Logan Park-Minneapolis neighborhood data

Marshall Terrace

N St. Anthony Parkway/S Lowry Ave NE/W Mississippi River/E 4th St NE & University Ave NE

The Marshall Terrace neighborhood was named after the Minnesota 5th governor, William R. Marshall.

  • Marshall Terrace Neighborhood
  • Marshall Terrace Neighborhood Data

Willard Hay

S West Broadway/Penn Ave-Xerxes Ave

  • Willard Hay-Neighborhood Data

Northeast Park

S Broadway Ave NE/SE Highway 35 W/N 18th Ave NE & New Brighton Blvd./W Central Ave NE

  • Jim Lupine Water Park
  • Northeast Park Neighborhood Association


Washington St NE/S Broadway Ave NE/N 18th & 19th Ave NE/E Mississippi River

The Sheridan neighborhood was named after Civil War General Philip Sheridan. The Grain Belt Brewery building (closed in 1975) resides in the Sheridan neighborhood.

  • Sheridan Neighborhood Organization
  • Sheridan-Minneapolis Neighborhood Data

St. Anthony East

N Broadway Ave NE/E-SE Central Ave NE/S Second Ave NE/W Fifth & Washington St NE

  • St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association
  • St. Anthony East Neighborhood Data

St. Anthony West

St. Anthony west neighborhood is on the upper east banks of the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls.

  • St. Anthony Main
  • Wild Roast Cafe
  • Boom Island Park
  • St. Anthony West Neighborhood Association

Waite Park

N 37th Ave NE/E Stinson Blvd. /S St. Anthony Parkway/W Central Ave NE

The Waite Park neighborhood was named after Edward Foote Waite, judge of the District Court of Hennepin County.

  • Waite Park Community Council
  • Waite Park-Minneapolis Neighborhood Data

Windom Park

N Lowry Ave NE/W Central Ave NE/S 18th Ave NE/E New Brighton Blvd.

The neighborhood of Windom Park was named after William Windom, a Minnesota senator and also a secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury.

  • Windom Park-Minneapolis Neighborhood Data


N Highway 55/E Highway 94 & Lyndale Ave N/S Bassett’s Creek/W Theodore Wirth Parkway

The Harrison neighborhood was named after the ninth president of U.S., William H. Harrison.

  • Harrison Neighborhood Association
  • Harrison-Minneapolis Neighborhood Data


W Emerson Ave/S Broadway Ave NE/N Lowry Ave NE/E Mississippi River

The Hawthorne-Minneapolis neighborhood was named after Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Writer.

  • Fairview Tower
  • Hawthorne Community Council
  • Hawthorne-Minneapolis Neighborhood Data


N Broadway St NE/E Highway 35 W/E Hennepin Ave/W Central Ave-Harrison St NE

The Beltrami neighborhood was named after an Italian jurist, explorer and scholar, Giacomo Constantino Beltrami.

Beltrami Park has soccer and softball fields, tennis and basketball courts.

  • Beltrami Neighborhood Council


W Mississippi River/E University Ave/ N Lowry Ave/ S 16th & 17th Ave NE

The Bottineau neighborhood was named after leader Pierre Bottineau, pioneer and explorer.

  • Bottineau Neighborhood Association
  • Northeast Minneapolis Art Association
  • Mulberry Junction Community Garden

Columbia Park

N 37th Ave/E Central Ave/S 27th Ave/St. Anthony Blvd./W University Ave NE/4th Street NE-Mississippi River

The neighborhood was named after a park (Columbia Park) and also, the Columbian year.

  • Columbia Park Neighborhood Association


N 27th Ave NE/S 17th & 19th Ave NE/E Central Ave/W University Ave NE

The Holland Neighborhood was named after an American editor and educator, Josiah G. Holland.

  • Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association
  • Holland-Minneapolis neighborhood data