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Minneapolis chain of lakes

How to Choose the Best Uptown Condo in Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis is quickly becoming the place to be, and for good reason. The bustling neighborhood features everything from bike and pedestrian-friendly streets to trendy bars, boutiques, and easy access to lakes and parks. Now that you’ve found the ideal neighborhood, how do you find the best place to live? Uptown condos provide a convenient, maintenance-free lifestyle right in the heart of Minneapolis. Choosing the best one for you depends on accessibility to your favorite spots, things to do, and complex features. Here’s what to look for as you choose the best Uptown condo for your way of life. Storage for Outdoor…

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Smart Technology Kitchen

Designing Your Customized Smart Kitchen

A kitchen that runs itself? That’s the dream for harried moms, busy professionals, and amateur chefs around the globe. It may sound a bit like science-fiction, but today’s smart appliances and smart devices come close to making this dream a reality. Here’s what you need to know about smart appliances and what they have to offer. Cooking From microwaves to actual free-standing stoves, you’ll find a smart cooking appliance that suits your needs. What’s the advantage? Everything. These savvy must-haves can do everything from ordering popcorn to displaying recipes on oven doors that feature computer screens. No more opening the door to check on…

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Four Things to Know When Buying a Condo or Loft in Minneapolis

Given the spike in new condo developments across Minneapolis in recent times, it is a good time to plan a condo or loft purchase in the city. Regardless of whether you are looking to invest in a luxurious, multi-level condo, or wish to go for a tranditional option, it is a decision that will have an impact on your life. As such, it only makes sense to keep in mind a few important things while buying your dream condo. The HOA Fees Condo & lofts are usually managed by condo associations that charge the condo owners specific monthly fees called…

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Our Favorite Coffee Shops / Espresso Bars in Minneapolis & St Paul, MN

The Twin Cities have numerous local coffee shops and everyone has their favorite. You’ll love our list of the six popular espresso bars and coffee shops to have a brewed coffee and/or latte’ in Minneapolis and also St Paul. 1. The Bachelor Farmer Cafe The Bachelor Farmer Café boasts of something that very few cafes in the US boast of – professional mixologists. This café in the Twin Cities offers specially-curated coffee and uniquely-formulated blends, which can be a revelation even to the most ardent coffee connoisseur. This, plus the delicious baked goods, make for a wonderful visit. 2.…

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Good News for Twin Cities Buyers and Sellers: Relaxed FHA Approval Rules to Boost Condo Sales

If you are looking to buy a condo or loft in Minneapolis-St Paul MN in the year ahead,  FHA is expanding your opportunities. Relaxed FHA Condo Approval Rules Will Ease Mortgage Hurdles, Boost Sales The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development just updated its guidance on FHA condo loans, to: Allow for “spot” mortgage approvals so FHA can insure individual condos, even for properties without FHA approval. Allow more renters to be in the properties that FHA will finance. Extend FHA-certified status for condo properties from 2 to now 3 years. Condo boards will be more likely to embrace the process that makes ownership…

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Downtown Minneapolis: Explore It. Live It!

Buying in Minneapolis can be a smart investment. Sales are strong, and Downtown Minneapolis offers many aspects of city living that appeal to today’s generation of buyers. Today’s couple might share a car, and use it sparingly. Some individuals are concerned about the climate. Buyers of all age groups, millennials especially, are ready for a walkable city lifestyle. Many are looking for a turnkey home with a compact footprint, so condo living is perfect. Downtown Minneapolis: Walkable, Beautiful, Culturally Enriching Downtown Minneapolis is wonderfully walkable, with its glorious passage over the Mississippi River by way of the picturesque Stone Arch Bridge.…

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dogs in urban living

Your New Loring Park Condo: Eco-Friendly Living in the Twin Cities

With ambitious initiatives designed to curb pollution and encourage low-carbon travel, Minneapolis has an affinity for nature. The Minnesota Twins play ball in the LEED-certified Target Field, and everyone’s keen on green spaces here. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board supports community gardens. The Board “promotes the use of underutilized land as green space” and even buys up land for this purpose, believing community gardens offer area residents places to gather. So, you’ll find many leafy and friendly spaces to refresh yourself in the Twin Cities. When looking for a refreshing spot to live, don’t miss the condos for sale in Loring Park. Loring Park: Greenery to Soothe the…

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Minneapolis Organic Restaurants

The 6 Healthiest Restaurants in Minneapolis

Minneapolis uptown condo living residents take their health very seriously. This is probably why there are so many health restaurants in the vicinity of Minneapolis uptown condo living neighborhoods. Here is the best of the best: 1. Whole Sum Kitchen This laid-back café serves up vegan-friendly, acai bowls, grain bowls and artisan coffee, all in a hip, comfortable café at 824 West 50thStreet. 2. French Meadow Bakery & Café This award-winning organic, farm to table café is unassuming, simple and elegant, all at once. With two locations, one at 2610 Lyndale Ave. S in Minneapolis and the other at 1662 Grand Avenue…

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Downtown and South Minneapolis Condos for Sale: Live Well in the Twin Cities

Thinking of buying a condo or townhome in the heart of Minneapolis? Downtown East or West? the Mill District? South Minneapolis-Uptown? Each has its distinct personality. Take a Look Downtown Live well in Minneapolis. There are outstanding Downtown Minneapolis condos for sale everywhere you look. East and West… Whether new or renovated, downtown condos and lofts are perfect for walking to the city’s best shopping and dining. Downtown East, the Mill District, has exciting opportunities for condo and loft buyers near the Guthrie Theater, with the museum and cafe hubbub that’s Minneapolis at its most wonderful. In Downtown West, you’ll find luxurious condos and lofts, with easy access to the…

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lake calhoun

Stylish Urban Living in Uptown Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis condos for sale, whether modern or historic, go fast! And no wonder.  Minneapolis Uptown urban living has everything to offer, both in your new condo and the city surrounding you. Top-notch public transportation makes it even better. Uptown Minneapolis Things to Do Have a picnic in the park. Bring your canine buddy to the off-leash play spaces at Lake of the Isle Park, one of the country’s best urban recreations areas. Rent one of the electric bikes and go for a ride around the Chain of Lakes! And for shopping and cultural life, Uptown Minneapolis has: The Calhoun Square Shopping Mall. At Main and…

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