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St. Paul Neighborhoods

st paul skyline with Shannon Lindstrom


West Side

West Seventh/Fort Road: South of Downtown/West Seventh/Highway 35E-Fort Road/W Mississippi River

  • West Seventh Community Center
  • West Seventh Business Association
  • West Seventh-St. Paul Neighborhood Data

Summit Avenue and Ramsey St. on the north, Interstate 35E on the south & east and Ayd Mill Road on the west

Cathedral Hill
Summit Avenue/Selby Avenue Location

University Avenue in the North, Lexington Parkway to the West, Summit Avenue to the South and to the East along John Ireland Boulevard, Kellogg Boulevard and Marion Street

Highland Park
Mississippi River just north of Fort Snelling and across the river from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Mac Groveland
East from the Mississippi River to the Summit Hill neighborhood

North End

  • Cedar St/Rice St/University Ave
  • North End-St. Paul Neighborhood Data
  • Mary Dale Community Park
  • City Pages- North End-St. Paul was named the Best Undiscovered
  • Neighborhood Award 2012
  • St. Paul Schools Community Education
  • Mama’s Pizza
  • Favorable Treats

Battle Creek

  • Southeast St. Paul/Downtown St. Paul/Mississippi River
  • Battle Creek Neighborhood Data
  • Battle Creek Regional Park

Greater East Side-Northeast St. Paul

  • Hillcrest, Hazel Park, Hayden Heights, Ames Lake, and Phalen Village
  • Greater East Side-St. Paul Neighborhood Data
  • Hillcrest Golf Club

Dayton Bluff

  • South East St. Paul/East Side of Mississippi River
  • Dayton Bluff Community Center
  • Dayton Bluff Community Council
  • Dayton Bluff-St. Paul School
  • Indian Mound Park
  • Eagle Street Grill
  • Chaddagh Coffee Cafe
  • Burger Moes


  • Northeast St. Paul/E Highway 35E
  • Payne-Phalen-St. Paul Neighborhood Data
  • Phalen Park
  • Dragon Festival
  • Minnesota Humanities Center