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Sustainable Living in Urban St. Paul

Urban condo living in St. Paul is inherently full of the kind of vibrancy that is hard to find elsewhere. Living in the heart of St. Paul affords you access to the best of all that life has to offer. But even with all the activities, St. Paul urban condo living also appeals to those who desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are some ways to live sustainably in urban St. Paul condos.

1. Grow a Balcony Garden

You will find some urban St. Paul condos come with sunny balconies where you can grow a potted herb or vegetable garden. This kind of practice helps by reducing trips to the store, thereby cutting down on emissions. It also reduces the amount of processed food you buy, which lessens demand.

2. Save Water

Rather than let running water flow straight down the drain, consider putting a stopper in the sink and saving that water so you can use it to keep plants hydrated.

3. Choose Sustainable Materials

When it comes to furnishings, flooring and accessories around your St. Paul urban loft, you have a wide choice of sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Bamboo takes only months to reach maturation, unlike trees, which take years. Bamboo is used to make things like “wooden” spoons, cutting boards, flooring, window shades and even furniture. It’s sustainable, natural and a beautiful option for your St. Paul urban condo.

4. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Simple household cleaning supplies can be made at home using ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and ammonia. Mix them up in reusable glass containers instead of buying commercial brands in plastic bottles.

These four ways to live sustainably in urban St. Paul condos make it easy to live green in the city. For more information about St. Paul condos, please contact us.

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